Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Job Ref No: CHJ/AUG/J105 | Closing Date: 25/July/2022

Reports To:

CoRSU Board


Senior Management Team (SMT), PA to CEO, and Internal Auditor(Administratively)


The CEO provides leadership to CoRSU hospital to achieve its strategic vision and ensure quality services and safe handling of patients. She/he will develop and implement strategies and action plans to achieve the organizational objectives.

The CEO is the Accounting Officer of the hospital and is responsible for the day-to-day management ensuring high professional standards and performance levels.


  1. Strategy
    1. Develop and present the strategic plan to the Board for review and approval.
    2. Provide strategic leadershipin developing and implementing the annual work planas approved by the Board.
    3. Establish policies and procedures for the smooth operation of the organization.
    4. Establish a risk management framework for the organization and ensure risk-based decision-making.
    5. Provide strategic leadership to the Senior Management Team (SMT).
    6. Establish and maintain a sustainable performance management system and service delivery standards.
    7. Advise theBoard on strategic options that will enhance CoRSU’sgrowth.
    8. Provide leadership for both external and internal audit activities.
    9. Develop new products and revenue streams to ensure the long-term sustainability of CoRSU.
    1. Finance
    2. Provide strategic leadership for establishing robust financial managementpolicies, procedures and practicesthat provide value for money for CoRSU.
    3. Advise the Board on periodical reviews of patient-fees charges.
    4. Monitor utilization and effective reporting on patient-fees subsidy and service delivery within the approved budget.
  1. Institutional Development
    1. Promote CoRSU’s infrastructure development strategy and investment in expanding the hospital facilities, effective clinical care models and efficient business case investment models.
    2. Work with the SMT and Medical Director to establish strong clinical governance systems which promote high standards of safe care.
    3. Expand the range of services offered by the CoRSU.
    4. Establish a process to benchmark the performance of specific services to initiate a clear relationship with tariffs.
    5. Work with the Medical Director to identify opportunities for implementing new ways of working or improving medical services.
    6. Steer the automation of CoRSU rehabilitation Hospital. Establish systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning for information gathering, analysis, reporting and managing services.
  2. Resource Mobilization
    1. Work with the Board and SMT to develop and implement communications and fundraising plans.
    2. Provide leadership in developing new projects and identifying funding partners.
    3. Enhance local and internal resource mobilization strategies for institutional sustainability.
  3. Human Resources
    1. Provide leadership to establish a high level of staff performance and service delivery standards.
    2. Establish appropriate human resources and organizational development plans aligned with CoRSU strategy.
    3. Establish an effective staff performance management and appraisal system.
    4. Lead, manage and influence staff through motivation and effective communication to uphold CoRSU’s objectives as an equal opportunity employer.
  4. Stakeholder Management and Communication
    1. Establish and maintain effective relations with key stakeholders such as government, donors, partners, and the health community/ general public to foster a strong culture of partnership.
    2. Promote awareness of client needs and articulate them with the elected representatives, senior public officials, the media, and members of the public.
    3. Communicate the CoRSU strategic plan, including vision, objectives, and plans to achieve commitment and ownership of the stakeholders.
  5. Compliance
    1. Monitor compliance with CoRSU’s operational policies, procedures, donor agreements and statutory requirements.
    2. Work with the Medical Director to establish medical care controls and processes in line with the governance frameworks and standards for quality assurance, clinical risk management, health and safety and health care.
  6. Reporting
    1. Provide timely reports and support to the Board, Assembly Members’ Council and Board Committees as required on all key matters.
    2. Provide the Board with clinical, financial and operational analyses, information and advice to mitigate operational risks, maintain overall operational control, and monitor CoRSU’s performance.


Academic & Professional Qualifications

  • A Master’s degree in health management, project planning, finance, accounting or any other related field.
  • Proof of Administration skills / Negotiation skills/ Revenue mobilization skills  and conflict resolution skills will be an added advantage.


Work Experience, Knowledge & Skills


At least ten years experience in a leadership position in health-related organizations, preferably in the NGO / Private sector

Knowledge & Skills

  • Leadership skills
  • Analytical and organizational skills
  • Financial management skills
  • Sound understanding of public-private partnership
  • Communication, presentation and interpersonal skills with a good understanding of cultural diversity.
  • Computer skills and practical knowledge of Microsoft packages, e.g., MSWord,Excel,PowerPoint,Internet

Other Key Attributes


Drive for Improvement:

  • Is focused on the goal of service improvement and resists being side tracked.
  • Invests sustained effort in making a significant impact on improvement within the organization and across the whole healthcare community.
  • Works in such a way as to leave a legacy of improved services.

Personal Integrity:

  • Demonstrates a real commitment to working with, involving and consulting patients and other stakeholders in decisions about service delivery and improvement.
  • Acts as a role model for such an approach even where this results in challenges to how things are done.


  • Draws upon own relevant experience and is positive about own ability to succeed.
  • Is able to maintain and communicate optimism about achieving goals even when the going is tough.


  • Able to take conscious steps to manage self under pressure – creating time for reflection and support for self and others.
  • Able to manage own energy and pace efforts.
  • Recognize others’ anxieties and problems – encourage them to find ways of dealing constructively with stress.
  • Able to absorb and deal constructively with criticism and seek support as necessary.

Drive for results:

  • Invests effort in making a quality difference to how services are planned and delivered.
  • Understands the need to work collaboratively with internal and external stakeholders to achieve positive outcomes for patients.
  • Makes own experience and expertise available to the wider health and social care system.
  • Demonstrates openness to learning from others and improving services for the greater good.

Empowering Others:

  • Deliberately lets others take the lead and credit by stepping to one side to grow their capability and confidence.
  • Actively promotes the role of stakeholders and patients in shaping services and influencing decisions about services.
  • Coaches others, challenging and asking questions to help them work out answers for themselves.

Assessing the Future:

  • Looks to the future and is able to see and act on opportunities.
  • Uses a range of innovative approaches to progressing a situation.
  • Uses a detailed understanding of the broader trends in health improvement/service delivery to innovate.

Leading Change Through People:

  • Communicates the vision and brings it alive – describes what the future needs to look like in terms of service improvement and modernization. It gives people a sense that change is achievable and that their contribution matters.


This role requires a high level of mental concentration and attention to detail to ensure reliable and accurate monitoring and reporting. You will be required to deal with strategic issues, including budget monitoring and quality assurance in medical care and customer care, by resolving conflicts relating to patients or staff relations. You may have to deal with tight deadlines especially relating to reporting to the Board, audits and reconciliation of accounts.


How to Apply:

All interested and qualified persons are encouraged to apply online at  or by email: enclosing their CV and cover letter.Please indicate the Position Title in the email subject line.

Application Deadline: 5:00 pm (EAT) on Monday 25th July 2022.

Closing Date: 25/July/2022