Head Of Finance (HoF)

Job Ref No: CHJ/AUG/J110 | Closing Date: 11/August/2022

Reports To:

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


Accountant, Assistant Accountant, Accounts Assistant & Stores Manager.

Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services for People with Disability in Uganda (CoRSU) hospital was
established in 2006 as a private non-profit, non-governmental organization. CoRSU is supported by
Christian Blind Mission. CoRSU hospital provides orthopedic surgery, plastic surgery, and rehabilitation,
mainly for children and adults with disability. 


The Head of Finance oversees the finance and Stores teams at CoRSU Hospital. He/she ensures that all financial and Stores (Stock) records are accurately written, properly maintained and regular/periodical returns, reports and analyses properly compiled and submitted to key stakeholders. The position holder shall ensure proper financial controls are taken and risks mitigated by actively participating in the senior management decisions of the hospital.


  • Hospital Annual Budget and budget prepared
  • Assets and stocks register maintained and updated
  • Regular cash /bank reconciliations done and cash flow projected
  • Cash/cheque receipts and payments supervised
  • Follow-up on debtors ensured
  • Regular and timely financial reports prepared and submitted
  • Financial transactions (procurement committee meetings) efficiently and effectively guided.
  • Timely/appropriate project financial advice provided to the key stakeholders/donors.
  • Financial accounting systems and tools controls regularly monitored, enforced and/or developed.
  • Internal and External Audits facilitated
  • Finance and Stores teams effectively supervised, mentored and trained
  • National fiscal regulations and International Financial standards (IFS) adhered to.


  • Prepare and regularly monitor Hospital Annual Budget and budget applications for the Board/ project/donor approval and make call-up for funds from the Funding institutions.
  • Oversee the management of Stores function, maintain proper and updated record of hospital assets (fixed and movable) inclusive of monetary value of stocks, fixed assets.
  • Supervise day today finance and accounting activities of CoRSU by:
  • Ensuring that daily/monthly reconciliations are done for cash at hand, at bank, debtors, creditors, donation points and other subsidiary accounts.
  • Providing periodic cash flow projections and offer timely/appropriate financial advice to the CEO, Senior Management Team (SMT) and the CoRSU Board.
  • Follow-up on debtors, invoicing of all partner organizations and making sure that all creditors’ bills are settled promptly.
  • Directly supervise, mentor and train the Finance team; appraise them and including staff of the outsourced billing service provider to ensure maximum control over internal revenue generation.
  • Supervise regular processing and monitoring of payroll, ensure that statutory deductions and returns are prepared and submitted within the set time limits.
  • Oversee the preparation of claims for transit services (recoverable, employee claims, and special projects/programs)
  • Ensure regular (monthly and quarterly) financial reports are prepared and submitted in a timely manner; compile comprehensive quarterly/annual financial reports and analyses to the key stakeholders (donors, the senior management team and the Board).
  • Facilitate the work of the Internal and External Auditors by facilitating regular audit exercises and providing all the relevant information.
  • Ensure that national fiscal regulations and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are adhered to.
  • Oversee the coordination of the hospital procurements, the Stores and the Billings committee to ensure value for money and timeliness.
  • Actively participate in the management of the hospital as part of the SMT member.
  • Ensure that the asset Register is updated all the time.
  • Any other roles as shall be assigned by the immediate supervisor and the Board Finance Committee.




Academic & Professional qualifications



  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce/ Business Administration (Accounting option)
  • A professional qualification in accounting preferably ACCA,CIMA,CFA,CPA (U), CPA(K)
  • MBA - Accounting/Finance and MSC – Accounting/Finance will be an added advantage


  • Have advanced computer Literacy (databases and spread sheets) and basic MS word processor, able to operate other computer accessories such as Printers, photocopier and scanners
  • Enthusiastic person of high level finance and information technology exposure and knowledge of Tally Accounting software.


Work experience, Knowledge & skills



  • 5 years’ post certification professional experience in finance and accounting in a reputable organization.
  • 2 years’ experience in supervision of a finance and accounts team of an NGO/Not-for-Profit.
  • Membership with a professional accounting body
  • Ability to analyse financial data
  • Knowledge in grants management


  • Excellent communication, presentation and social skills.
  • Unflustered personality of outstanding integrity record, professional and ethical background
  • Capacity to concentrate on the task while working under pressure
  • The position demands,  Precision, Commitment, Honesty , Confidentiality and Transparency


            Six Core Dimensions for all posts

Duties of the role

Weighting %

Level Descriptors

Must have / optional (can be trained)

Patient Care




  1. Contribute to promoting        health and wellbeing and preventing adverse effects on health and wellbeing
  2. Plan, develop and implement approaches to promote health and wellbeing and prevent adverse effects on health and wellbeing
  3. Plan, develop and implement programmes to promote health and wellbeing and prevent adverse effects on health and wellbeing
  4. Promote health and wellbeing and prevent adverse effects on health and wellbeing through contributing to the development, implementation and evaluation of related policies

Must have

Health,  Safety and Security


  1. Assist in maintain own and others’ health, safety and security
  2. Monitor and maintain health, safety and security of self and others
  3. Promote, monitor and maintain best practise in health, safety and security
  4. Maintain and develop an environment and culture that improves health, safety and security

Must have





  1. Communicate with a limited range of people on day-to-day matters
  2. Communicate with a range of people on a range of matters
  3. Develop and maintain communication with people about difficult matters and/or in difficult situations
  4. Develop and maintain communication with people on complex matters, issues and ideas and/or in complex situations

Must have

Service and Quality improvement


  1. Maintain the service and quality of own work
  2. Maintain service and quality in own work and encourage others to do so
  3. Contribute to improving service and quality
  4. Develop a culture that improves service and quality

Must have

Equality and Diversity


  1. Act in ways that support equality and value diversity
  2. Support equality and value diversity
  3. Promote equality and value diversity
  4. Develop a culture that promotes equality and values diversity

Must have

Leadership & Mentorship, and/or Professional development and education


  1. Contribute to own personal development
  2. Develop own skills and knowledge and provide information to others to help their development
  3. Develop oneself and contribute to the development of others
  4. Develop oneself and others in areas of practise

Must have




This is a senior role that requires a high level of confidentiality; emotional sensitivity, mental concentration and attention to detail to ensure reliable and accurate stories are told and reported.  You may be required to deal with sensitive patient situations or information and customer care issues; including resolving conflict relating to patients, media, and donor or staff relations/ stakeholders. You may sometimes be required to work off premises and outside of normal working hours or days.

All interested and qualified persons are encouraged to apply online at www.futureoptions.org or by email: vacancy@futureoptions.org enclosing their CV and cover letter. Please indicate the Position Title in the email subject line.
Application Deadline: 5:00 pm EAT on Thursday 11th August 2022.

Closing Date: 11/August/2022