Billing Officer

Job Ref No: CHJ/APR/J138 | Closing Date: 16/August/2023

Reports To:

Financial Accountant


Objective of the Position: Manage the billing/invoicing of patients, patient reception management, discharging patients, ensuring proper and accurate invoices to patients and payments done as per the generated bills and reconciling customer accounts in billing section.


  1. Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Preparing and submitting billing data and medical claims and submitted to Finance in a timely.
  • Ensuring the patient’s medical information is accurate and up to date as per the doctor’s notes.
  • Preparing bills and invoices, and documenting amounts due for medical procedures and services.
  • Collecting and reviewing referrals and pre-authorizations.
  • Monitoring and recording late payments.
  • Following up on missed payments and resolving financial discrepancies.
  • Examining patient bills for accuracy and requesting any missing information.
  • Preparing daily reports on cash reconciliations, credit sales and banking for the day
  • Prepare bills and invoices for medical services and treatments received.
  • Establishes payment arrangements on current and delinquent patient accounts.
  • Contacts and follows up with individuals to reconcile accounts.
  • Collaborates with designated collection agencies to collect seriously delinquent accounts.
  • Gathers patient insurance and financial information to generate payment for company.
  • Updates and obtains medical authorization for payment from insurers.
  • Gathers information needed to secure payment from third party insurances.
  • Monitors debts and unresolved patient accounts by filing claims, not limited to insurance firms and partner organisations, probate issues and contacting finance on the status of the insurance and partner statements.
  • Collect financial, demographic and insurance information from obstetrical patents prior to delivery to ensure timely payments and to send invoices.
  • Follows all work processes, procedures, while maintaining compliance to the rules and regulations set forth by the company.
  • Strives to deliver high-quality results at all times in accordance with standards.
  • Protects and keeps all patient and hospital information confidential.
  • Accepts ownership for all tasks and responsibilities while improving the company’s reputation.
  • Actively explores new activities, networking opportunities and educational pursuits to improve job knowledge and skills.
  1. Qualifications and Work Experience:



A Minimum of a Diploma in Commerce/ Business Administration, Accounting & Finance, Business Administration related course

CoRSU employees with good training in customer care and/or Diploma in Nursing.

Have good Computer Literacy (word processor, spread, power point presentations)

Knowledge of File maker and Tally accounting software

1 years’ experience working at CoRSU is preferable or any hospital setting working as nursing care, customer care, Rehabilitation, and support services.

Experience in working in the finance and accounts department of an NGO/Not-for-Profit.

Excellent communication, presentation and social skills.

Knowledge of the multi-funding accounting and finance management processes

Possessing a performance appraisal or recommendation that has satisfactory performance rating.

A reference from the immediate supervisor

Ability to handle billing work with Precision, Commitment, Honesty, Transparency, Confidentiality with capacity to concentrate on the task at hand.

Able to work long hours where necessary

Closing Date: 16/August/2023