Orthopaedic Technologist


Job Ref No: CHJ/DEC/J39 | Closing Date: 7/October/2019

Reports To:

P&O Team Leader


Orthopaedic Workshop (OWS) Assistants, Artisan, Wheelchair technician and volunteers to the workshop


Fabricate, repair and issue good quality prosthetics/orthotics (assistive devices and appliances) for patients/users.



  • Manufactures/issues/repairs at least 20 prosthetics/orthotics, assistive devices and appliances monthly. The devices should include Canadian prostheses, Upper limb prostheses, corsets and callipers.
  • 90% of client needs, prescriptions and progress documented monthly.
  • 90% of staff, caregivers, students, volunteers and visitors to the department are trained and supervised annually.
  • Plans with colleagues for the orthopaedic workshop annually.
  • Participates in at least 2 continuous professional development (CPD) sessions for the staff monthly.
  • Participates in developing and or updating at least one standard operating procedure (SOP) quarterly.
  • Participates in at least one departmental meeting monthly.
  • Participates in at least one information, education and communication (IEC) training sessions for patients, attendants and caregivers quarterly.
  • Refers clients to the respective department or specialists for consultation and appropriate intervention whenever required.
  • Ensures daily maintenance of all workshop equipment by ensuring regular servicing.
  • Liaises with various disciplines/departments involved in client rehabilitation whenever required.



                      Assessment of patient/user

  • Is responsible for the examination of the patient/user and prescription of prosthetics/orthotics; and advises on the design of the prosthetic/orthotic device interface, suspension and selection of the proper components.
  • Advises on relevant aspects of pre-surgical, post-surgical, medical and therapeutic management of individuals requiring prosthetic/ orthotic devices.
  • Records and reports any pertinent information regarding patients/users and their families, including a determination of expectations and needs.
  • Communicates appropriate information to patients/users and their families.

                     Fabrication, Fitting, and Issuing of prosthetics/orthotics

  • Identi?es physical and other relevant characteristics of the patient/user.
  • Formulates a range of prosthetic or orthotic designs including selection of materials, components and additional aids.
  • Is responsible for all casts and measurements required for proper fabrication and ?tting.
  • Modi?es positive and/or negative models and/or layouts of design to obtain optimal ?t and alignment.
  • Carries out ?tting, static and dynamic alignment and, where appropriate, preliminary training and initial check-out.
  • Performs and/or supervises fabrication of the prosthesis or orthosis.

                      Evaluation and follow-up

  • Advises the team and participates directly in ?nal check-out and evaluation of ?t, function and cosmesis.
  • Instructs the patient/user or family in the use and care of the device.
  • Takes part in follow-up procedures as well as maintenance, repair and replacement of the appliance.
  • Recognises the need to repeat any of the identi?ed steps in order to optimise ?t and function.
  • Collaborates and consults with other multidisciplinary team members engaged in the management of the patient/user.


                  Management and supervision

  • Supervises the activity of supporting staff as appropriate.
  • Manages workshop activities assigned to him/her, including:

•  use and maintenance of tools and equipment

•  maintenance of safe working environment and procedures

•  inventory and stock control in liaison with Stores

•  appropriate record keeping

•  production quality control

  • Devises improved job methods for increasing ef?ciency.
  • Liaises with various disciplines/departments involved in client rehabilitation whenever required.

                    Training and education

  • Supervise and take part in the training of orthopaedic technologists, technicians and bench workers.
  • Train and demonstrate to colleagues and other professionals concerned with prosthetics/orthotics and also to community and other interested groups.
  • Participate in Information, Education and Communication (IEC) sessions for patients and attendants.
  • Participate and contribute to the process of continuing professional development.
  • Keeps abreast of new developments concerning prosthetics/orthotics and teaching techniques.
  • Participate in community rehabilitation programmes about prosthetics and orthotics upon request.




INTERFACES WITH:               Patients, attendants (caregivers), staff, and visitors


Academic & trades qualifications




Diploma in Orthopaedic Technology

Computer knowledge and documentation skills

Updated registration and annual practicing licence with Allied Health Professionals’ Council

Knowledge of rehabilitation of people with disabilities especially children

Skills to fabricate Canadian prostheses, Upper limb prostheses, corsets and callipers.



Work experience & skills




Minimum of 3 years’ working experience

Experience in rehabilitation of people with disabilities especially children

Good communication, presentation and social skills

Needs to be flexible and creative person

Needs to be able to document all activities in the department


Adhering to Professional Code of Conduct and Ethics


Knowledge of English and at least two Ugandan languages





Six Core Dimensions for all posts

Duties of the role

Weighting %

Level Descriptors

Must have (can be trained)

Patient Care



  1. Contribute to promoting health and wellbeing and preventing adverse effects on health and wellbeing
  2. Plan, develop and implement approaches to promote health and wellbeing and prevent adverse effects on health and wellbeing
  3. Plan, develop and implement programmes to promote health and wellbeing and prevent adverse effects on health and wellbeing
  4. Promote health and wellbeing and prevent adverse effects on health and wellbeing through contributing to the development, implementation and evaluation of related policies

Must have


Health,  Safety and Security


  1. Assist in maintain own and others’ health, safety and security
  2. Monitor and maintain health, safety and security of self and others
  3. Promote, monitor and maintain best practise in health, safety and security
  4. Maintain and develop an environment and culture that improves health, safety and security

Must have






  1. Communicate with a limited range of people on day-to-day matters
  2. Communicate with a range of people on a range of matters
  3. Develop and maintain communication with people about difficult matters and/or in difficult situations
  4. Develop and maintain communication with people on complex matters, issues and ideas and/or in complex situations

Must have


Service and Quality improvement


  1. Maintain the service and quality of own work
  2. Maintain service and quality in own work and encourage others to do so
  3. Contribute to improving service and quality
  4. Develop a culture that improves service and quality

Must have


Equality and Diversity


  1. Act in ways that support equality and value diversity
  2. Support equality and value diversity
  3. Promote equality and value diversity
  4. Develop a culture that promotes equality and values diversity

Must have


Leadership & Mentorship, and/or Professional development and education


  1. Contribute to own personal development
  2. Develop own skills and knowledge and provide information to others to help their development
  3. Develop oneself and contribute to the development of others
  4. Develop oneself and others in areas of practise

Must have







This role requires a high level of mental concentration and attention to detail to ensure reliable and accurate monitoring and reporting.  You may be required to deal with customer care issues; including resolving conflict relating to patients or staff relations. You may have to deal with tight deadlines especially relating to reporting periods, audits, reconciliation of accounts and reporting to the Board.

Qualified persons should submit their applications (detailed CV with cover letter plus copies of Academic Qualifications) to The Head of Human Resources and Organisational Development, P.O. 46 Kisubi or email to recruitment@corsuhospital.org. Note that only shortlisted candidates will be notified for interviews.
NB: Capable People with Disabilities (PWDs) are encouraged to apply.

Closing Date: 7/October/2019