Bids At CoRSU Hospital

Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services For People with Disability in Uganda (CoRSU) was established in 2006 as a private non-profit, non-governmental organization and is supported by CBM (Christian Blind Mission).CoRSU provides Orthopaedic Surgery, Plastic Surgery and Rehabilitation, mainly for children with disability.

BID: Statutory Audit for 2021

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BID: Supply, Installation, Testing And Commissioning Of An X-Ray Machine At CoRSU

Procurement of Land Cruiser Prado (Used)

ToR for Insuarance Brokage Services

ToR for Baseline Surver

Bid: Request for Proposals For The Designing, Development, Implementation And Support Of The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System At CoRSU

Terms of Reference for Retainer Counsel

Terms of Reference for Insuarance Broking Services