Who We Serve

We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.

The primary focus of CoRSU is on children with physical impairment (80% of the beneficiaries) for whom CoRSU provides orthopaedic and plastic/reconstructive surgical interventions and a vast array of medical rehabilitation services.

CoRSU provides free and subsidized treatments (surgery and rehabilitation) for patients below 17 years of age; parents/guardians are expected to contribute towards hospital stay, accommodation and food.

The experience matured at CORSU shows that the earlier a child with a disability receives medical care and treatment, the more positive the outcome is likely to be. That is why surgeries and rehabilitation sessions performed in the first years of life are more likely to be successful and with long lasting effects. Early treatments also mitigate possible psychosocial issues and challenges that the child would naturally experience while growing-up.

Specialized surgery and rehabilitation play an important role in the reduction of physical disability among children, inclusion of children with disability in the society, and helping them and their families escaping the trap of poverty associated with disability.

During the course of the past years CoRSU also successfully developed private practice through the CoRSU Phoenix Ward where we provide fast-track services (orthopaedic and reconstructive surgeries but also therapies) with very positive results.