Accountant- Credit Control (1 Position)

Job Ref No: CHJ/NOV/J122 | Closing Date: 8/November/2022

Reports To:

Head of Finance


  • To directly carry out credit management tasks and regularly follow up on debtors, Management the discharge of inpatients and be critical of patients discharge on credit, Manage Partner organisations credit, and ensuring collection of customer accounts in a manner that ensures high customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • To regularly carry out financial data entry, filing, voucher preparation and photocopying of related documents to ensure that financial records are properly kept and maintained.
  • To assist the Head of Finance and the Accountant in keeping accurate, comprehensive and truthful records of financial transactions in the Hospital according to the accepted standards and practices of accounting.


Main Duties and Responsibilities: 

  1. Credit Control.
  • Participate in creating procedures and policies that ensure timely payments while maintaining a high level of customer retention
  • Reconciling partner and insurance accounts aiming at accuracy and completeness and to ensure that complex situations are escalated to the attention of the Head of Finance.
  • Monitoring debtor balances to ensure a reduction in debtors is ascertained as well as timely communication of overdue payments.
  • Ensuring that credit and collection policies and procedures are followed within the hospital
  • Liaising with patients, as well as internal personnel including the medical team to reduce patient dissatisfaction due to subsequent billings and billings that are done and services differed or cancelled.
  • Maintaining a database of walk in debtors and updating their records with special emphasis to situations where payment plans have been agreed upon.
  • Reviewing system outstanding balances and recommend to the head of finance the inconsistencies noted.
  • Keeping in touch with caregivers of in- patients by updating them on their outstanding balances to mitigate surprise bills.
  • Producing monthly Debtors ageing Reports


  1. Accountancy
  • To assist in keeping records of cash received and payments made as well as day today banking
  • To check records entered in patients ‘cash receipts’ & ‘refund journals’ and sign them off
  • To make timely posting of financial transactions in tally accounting system and file marker.
  • Regularly follow up on patient bills at the Ward and ensure that patients clear them in real time by explain the bills while showing respect for patients and care takers regardless of tribal origin, gender, race, age, religion, disease process, or financial status.
  • To carry out daily/ monthly reconciliations for:
  • cash at hand,
  • at bank, debtors,
  • Creditors
  • and other subsidiary accounts
  • To assist in preparing summary reports of income and expenditure in the formats required before the fifteenth day of the following month
  • To assist in providing all the necessary information for the preparation of detailed regular financial reports, inclusive of monetary value of stocks and fixed assets.
  • To assist in ensuring that all finance files are updated concerning all relevant data entries, filing as well as photocopying as required.
  • To assist in both the external and internal audit work especially participating in regular stocktaking.
  • Adhere to CoRSU HR policy concerning break times and all other regulations stipulated in the Employment Manual, standing orders, or memos letters
  • Maintain tidiness of the allocated space in the department
  • Be punctual at all times and observe the obligations given in the HR policy
  • Must always practice universal safety precautions
  • Other Assigned duties


Qualification, Skills and Experience

  • A Degree in Business Studies, Business Administration or other relevant qualification Council.
  • An ACCA or CPA level 2 or other relevant professional qualification.
  • Thorough knowledge of MS Excel and other financial related databases such as Tally.
  • Able to operate other computer accessories such as Printers, photocopiers and scanners.
  • Minimum of 3 years of financial credit control related experience in a hospital setting and financial audit practices.
  • Excellent writing, communication, presentation and social skills.
  • Experience in working in the NGO/Not-for-Profit sector.
  • Good understanding of disability.
  • The position demands precision, commitment, honesty, transparency, integrity and confidentiality

•   Capacity to concentrate on the task at hand and able to enter and analyse data and at and report in a timely manner.

Closing Date: 8/November/2022