Theatre Assistant (2)


Job Ref No: CHJ/DEC/J89 | Closing Date: 19/November/2021

Reports To:

Theatre In-Charge Nurse


Overall Job Purpose: To provide individualized patient care to a diversity of patients by supporting the Theatre team of Surgeons, Nurses and Anaesthetists to make significant difference in the lives of patients and their families.

Key result Areas

  • Timely reporting (punctuality) and regular duty attendance.
  • Theatres cleaned/prepared and made for surgery
  • Theatre trolleys prepared and made for surgery
  • Used Theatre equipment, tables and floor regularly cleaned (washed and disinfected).
  • Surgeons and Anaesthetists assisted during Theatre operations
  • Infection Protection and control (IPC) measures regularly carried out.
  • Nurses assisted in circulating as well as receiving of patients at the changing bay.
  • Dignity and confidentiality upheld in all patient care and Theatre operations.
  • Positive relationship and team work maintained among health care teams.
  • Accurate documentation and communication of all patient information maintained.
  • Patient and employee safety and protection maintained.
  • Regular participation in CMEs and other forms of learning maintained.


Detailed Roles and responsibilities

  • Preparing Theatres to ensure that they are ready for surgery.
  • Regularly prepare the required disinfectants and ensuring that they are available.
  • Carrying out daily dusting in the Theatre rooms and following the IPC guidelines.
  • Preparing Theatre instrument trolleys for surgery.
  • Assisting Surgeons during Theatre operations.
  • Assisting Anaesthetists during induction and after surgery including the transfer of patients to the recovery beds.
  • Disinfecting and washing of used instruments as well as the cleaning of the Theatre operation bed and the floor after a surgical procedure.
  • Playing the role of a circulating nurse as may be required.
  • Assisting the Nurses to receive patients at the patient changing bay.
  • Upholding patients’ dignity and confidentiality in all patient care and Theatre operations.
  • Maintaining cooperative relationship and team work among health care teams.
  • Maintain accurate documentation of all patient information generated in the Theatre by communicating appropriately, responding to requests and participating in problem-solving methods.
  • Protecting and safeguarding patients and employees by adhering to infection control policies and protocols.
  • Participating in CMEs and other forms of learning to update themselves on about their professional skills and career developments.
  • Responding to any other duties assigned by immediate supervisor.


Academic/Professional qualifications, work experience, knowledge & skills

  • Diploma in Theatre Technique is desirable while a certificate in Theatre Techniques is essential.
  • Pre-training qualification in nursing care as a Nursing Assistant
  • 3years’ experience.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Good computer knowledge and skills
  • Experience in a hospital setting.

Knowledge of local languages

Closing Date: 19/November/2021