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Orthopaedic Services

The orthopaedic department at CoRSU is concerned with treatment of injuries and disease of the bones and muscles thus restoring ability and body functioning in people with disability.

Over the years the department has reinforced its services and consolidated its position as the referral point for assessment and treatment of pediatric orthopedic conditions. With the diagnostic, surgical and rehabilitative services fully operational, patients can now find qualified answers at CoRSU for their orthopaedic health problems.

The department acts although not officially as a referral centre for children with disability and those at risk of acquiring a disability from the whole of Uganda and neighboring countries.

The orthopaedic department is complimented by the physiotherapy department and an orthopaedic workshop, which provide when needed, assistive devices, such as braces, wheel chairs and artificial limbs thus completing the chain of treatment.

The department is staffed with six full time orthopedic surgeons and three full time orthopedic officers who run the day-to- day activities. All our staff are well trained in the different modes of management of orthopedic conditions.