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Robina’s Story

Robina’s Story

Robina is the second child out of eight siblings in her family, and they all live together with their parents in Mukono District. She has been receiving medical attention at CoRSU Hospital for the past 11 years. When she first visited CoRSU in 2011, she experienced difficulty moving due to her left leg being shorter than her right.

Since then, Robinah has undergone several procedures to correct this, and she now uses artificial limbs. However, she needs to adjust or replace them as she grows. Despite this challenge, Robinah is grateful for those who have helped her get her artificial limbs, as they have allowed her to attend school and improve her mobility.

She also has dreams of becoming a fashion designer and has already enrolled in a tailoring course. Robinah believes that having a disability does not mean inability, and she hopes to inspire others through her work in the fashion industry.

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