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Vivian’s life transformed

Vivian’s life transformed

Seven-year-old Vivian is the second child in her family. Vivian was born with bowed legs. Efforts to correct the bowing legs were futile since her parents could not raise the money for further treatment in a specialized hospital. Vivian could face difficulties such as pain while walking for long distances standing, and playing with friends. A community mobilizer identified Vivian and referred her to CoRSU. Whereas the dad was worried that he could not afford the cost of treatment, the hope of seeing her daughter well pushed her to come to CoRSU.

Vivian’s life transformed

I truly appreciate MTN Foundation and CoRSU for transforming my daughter’s life

Vivian’s Father

At CoRSU, Vivian was diagnosed with Blount disease, a condition resulting
from abnormal growth of the plate in the upper part of the shinbone (tibia), leading

to bowing. She had difficulty standing, walking and playing with friends.

With funding from MTN Foundation, surgery was performed, and her legs were corrected. Vivian can stand, walk, run and play without pain or support.

Vivian’s father says, “I truly appreciate MTN Foundation and CoRSU for transforming my daughter’s life.” Thanks to all our donors, vulnerable children like Vivian are able to receive subsidized treatment at CoRSU

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  • Can someone (an adult)with scoliosis be corrected as well.

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